UK walks with tales to tell

Two great pieces from The Guardian on walks in the UK with tales to tell.  First part is here and the second part is here.

They look a very enjoyable way to spend some time travelling slowly.

Walking Scotland’s Ardnish Peninsula

Scotland’s Ardnish Peninsula is a remote and uninhabited walking destination.  Recently The Guardian published a piece by Neil Ansell on walking the peninsula.  Ansell is well-placed to bring the area to readers and walkers.  His book The Last Wilderness: a journey into silence (Headline Publishing Group, 2018) is his reflections of the region, its history and his deep engagement with it.

You can read the article from The Guardian here.

Cities and ecology

Recently there was an interesting piece in the New York Times  focused on how to integrate ecological and environmental components into urban visits.  You can find the piece here.

Walking in the Yorkshire dales

There’s an interesting piece (here) from The Guardian on walking in the Yorkshire Dales – a very nice piece on travelling slowly and engaging with landscapes and place.

Civil rights trail in the USA

The New York Times has just done an interesting piece on a new civil rights trail.  You can find it here.  It looks an interesting, and important, trail to follow and reflect on.

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